Who Else is OuiSomm?

I am a wine drinking, good food eating, sometimes silly person who loves sharing experiences with guests/colleagues as well as those in my personal life.

  • After living my dreams for my career, I want to share the passion, joy and knowledge of wine and food and how much fun it can be when the intimidation associated with wine professionals is taken away

  • I believe that the path to enjoyment in any profession is by being kind, caring, attentive and confident and surrounding yourself with like minded people

  • Story sharing is the blood of the business; it’s how we learn, grow and build our education and it’s an amazing way to learn more about both the people we work with and our friends and family!

  • While speaking with groups, whether it is one on one or with large groups, I believe engaging clients/guests with relatable information builds comfort and trust. I do not believe in fancy pants (unless you need me to wear them)

  • I believe that knowledge and humor can go hand in hand, when appropriate, to create lasting bonds and relationships as well as setting the tone for open dialogue