Professional Services

All pricing will be decided after an initial complementary consultation where we can discuss budgetary constraints, business needs and goals for the services.


I believe the most important focus of a wine list is what YOU have seen sells the best, and then trying to find wines that are relevant, unique and exciting that fit into those categories. Having built over a dozen wine lists, I feel as though I am well versed in finding the wines that will fit your clientele regardless of price range. All too often, wine lists are overrun by large brands that can be easily found at local retailers and that can cause suspicion with guests because of the necessary mark ups. If your guest can find a wine for $15 at a store, they will be hard pressed to spend $45+ for it at your establishment. Luckily, we have more distributors than ever sourcing killer wines at amazing price points from around the world that can offer value and interest to your list. It can be an overwhelming process, but with some thought out questions, I can have you on the right track and giving your guests a reason to keep drinking wine.


Are you feeling bored with your wine and/or cocktail selections and need a fresh perspective to jazz up the list? Do you have a consistent issue with hitting your COGS goals or find you are running low on inventory without the sales to match? Is there stagnant product in your wine and spirits inventory that you wish could be moved through but haven’t been able to? Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to make a huge leap. I have brought down COGS percentages from high 40’s to sub 30% in as little as 2 months by instituting rigid inventory control protocols as well as simple tools from my experience. We can create personal purchasing plans as well as COGS revision modules that will help you stay on track and keep your margins where you need them. Dead inventory only means loss of profit, as does product being over poured or walking out the door. Let’s find the cracks and seal them up tight!


One of the most sure-fire ways to increase your sales is to build a strong following of loyal guests. And in order to ensure your guests want to return, the level of your service needs to be consistent and your staff needs to be knowledgeable. There is a misnomer that high level and expertly trained service is only found in fine dining establishments. In reality, well trained staff can be the rule, and not the exception, at any level of dining. I believe that for a staff to be efficient and productive, they must be not only led by example, but also empowered with the knowledge and confidence to do their job at the highest level possible. This means bringing kindness and respect to every facet of your business. Hospitality is not just for the guests, it is for the entirety of the staff too. I can help you build a staff training manual that encompasses all aspects of your establishment, from food and beverage training, to floor service and management responsibilities. Onsight education and personal attention are integral to the process and I can tailor my approach to virtually any style of service. An investment in proper management training as well as staff education can pay off 10 fold in a short period of time and also help control staff turnover.