Personal Services

I love this picture because my nephew had no idea what he was doing. He asked for my glass and was just imitating me and his mom and he wanted to be part of our fun. Did he pull out some crazy aromas from the glass? Yes. But that is because he had no preconceived notions about what he was ‘supposed’ to smell. He just stuck his nose in and said ‘Aunty Jenny that smells like spicy blueberries,’ and just like that he basically nailed a wine made with my favorite grape, Syrah. If a 4-year-old can do that, you better believe you can too!

*For in person sessions, all measures will be taken to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests by adhering to local and state mandated Covid-19 regulations and guidelines.

All services include a complimentary consultation before the event to deduce what you would like to focus on as well as duration of lesson and wines to be tasted if applicable. All services are 1 hour minimum duration

Whenever possible for virtual events, wines will be chosen that are in your local market but can also be picked from online retailers and shipped where legal. We will work together to find the option that is within your budget and right for you!

Wine Tastings

Virtual lessons start at $30 per device/screen (discounts available for groups of 10+).

In person lessons start at $35 per person. Glassware can be provided for additional fee.

Virtual Groups of 10 or more $25 per person (wine to be tasted not included in price). Minimum 1hr duration. Longer sessions available upon request.

We offer all levels of tasting! Do you love a certain grape, like Sauvignon Blanc, but are tired of the same bottle you have been picking up out of habit? Are you interested in trying new grapes beyond your go to wine? Have you expanded your options but want to know more about regions and producers?

We will discuss a range of topics including- Why is wine so intimidating? What do Sommeliers even do? How to take the ‘Fear Factor’ out of wine and how to cultivate your personal wine vocab so you can use your words and a short tutorial on pairing wine with food. Meant to excite and educate, this is also a great option for sipping your favorite wine and asking all the questions you may have felt too silly to ask before. Trust me, there is not much I love more than seeing someone’s comfort level and excitement get ramped up after being empowered with some knowledge!

Cheese + Charcuterie Tastings: Build Your Best Board

Virtual lessons start at $30 per device/screen (discounts available for groups of 10+).

In person lessons start at $35 per person.

Although most of us have enjoyed charcuterie boards, it can be a daunting task to choose the ‘right’ cheeses and salumi/meats to use. And the options for condiments and accompaniments, both purchased and homemade, can seem endless. Luckily, it is easier than ever to find amazing cheeses and cured meats and the ones I utilize should be offered at most Whole Foods or even some grocery stores. I will give option for those looking for more unique cheeses that can be sourced from a local cheese monger as well! In this class we will actually build a charcuterie board and I will walk you through 3-6 cheeses, 2-5 meats and a variety of accompaniments both purchased and homemade.

For virtual seminars, I will send a shopping list before the event complete with pictures and description of different cheeses/salami and wine if applicable. I will also send recommendations for some of my favorite cheese boards as well as service utensils and signage for your selections.

*ADD ON A CUSTOM WINE PAIRING!! We can build the board and talk about the best wines to pair with each cheese.

Virtual- additional $10 per device/screen

In person- additional $10 per person

Wine and Food Pairing Tutorial

Virtual sessions $35 per device/screen (discounts available for groups of 10+).

In personal tutorials starting at $40 per guest.

Custom pairings available upon request (Prices will vary depending on extent of request).

The first step in removing that dreaded knot that builds in your stomach when you think of having to choose a wine with a meal is to remember that pairing wine (and other boozy beverages) with certain foods can be very daunting to most people, including professionals. But by arming yourself with some simple rules to follow, you can begin to breeze through the exciting world of wine and food pairing at home or when at a restaurant. We will also discuss how to converse with a sommelier as well as with your guests to find the perfect pairing for you.

Immersive Wine and Food Pairing

Virtual lessons start at $30 per device/screen (discounts available for groups of 10+).

In person lessons start at $40 per person.

Have you wondered how sommeliers are able to take your menu choices and pair the perfect wine with them? Have you been blown away by a pairing that you genuinely believed would never work or with a combination you had never considered? Or perhaps you are unfamiliar with the world of wine and food pairing and want to dip your toe in to see what all the fuss is about. After 2 decades of living and breathing the tenets of wine pairing, I still find myself giddy when I am introduced to a new combination. With the broadest extent of cuisine now available for in home enjoyment, the opportunity to experiment and find your own ‘a-ha moment’ has never been more available.

We will initially discuss your interest and experience with pairing (no need to be shy here with your comfort level) and then decide which foods you want to focus on. A perfect primer example for both a virtual and in person event is pairing a variety of wines with cheese and/or charcuterie (virtual participants can usually source these products locally) and this can easily evolve into more meal-based pairings.

(wine and food to be tasted not included in price)

*IN PERSON OPTION- I can bring the wines, cheese and/or charcuterie to you! Options also include pairing wines with hors d’oeuvres/ passed appetizer and menu design that can be executed in your home for you and your guests. Prices available upon request for this service

Curated Wine/Beverage (Beer, Spirits, Cocktails) Pairings

Prices available upon request.

This can be for something as simple as a home cooked meal with family or as faceted as a multi-course tasting menu format. Consultation for larger events also available.

Wine/Beverage Education

Virtual and in person lessons start at $55 per person (additional 30 minute increments available for $25 per person).

Virtual Groups of 10 or more $45 per person/per hour. Lessons can be hybridized to include a combination of wine, spirits/liqueurs and beer.

Wine tasting component additional $20 per person for up to 5 wines (wine to be tasted not included in price if wine tasting is added on). Recommended 90 minutes for wine/beverage education with pairing option included. Prices for Liquor, beer or hybrid tasting component available upon request.

Educating yourself on production methods as well as regional, producer and vintage differentiations can be one of the most powerful tools you can have in your burgeoning or continuing wine/beverage education. Becoming familiar with global wine regions and the differences that lie within each can be both educational beyond the scope of just wine as well as exciting. Wine has its roots in almost every corner of our lives, from geography, topography and climate to history, religion and law. As sommeliers we study all facets of these topics and during the process, learn an enormous amount about the world around us.