Cellar and Purchasing Services

All prices for these services will be custom and based on information gleaned during a complimentary consultation. We will take all the time needed to create an action plan that suits your needs and budget.

*For in person services, all measures will be taken to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests by adhering to local and state mandated Covid-19 regulations and guidelines.

All services include a complementary consultation.


This could be as straight forward as finding a wine for a family member or colleague, larger purchases for private events or more specific, such as wines from a birthyear or a label you have been searching for but can not find. My experience over the past 2 decades of buying wines for some of the most prestigious properties in the country has offered me a multitude of avenues to explore to fulfill your request. 


One of the most challenging positions of my career has been to come into a restaurant and reorganize an existing cellar and I have done it multiple times. But is also the most rewarding. I spent 18hrs a day for 2 weeks pulling undocumented, misplaced, damaged and mishandled wine out of collection consisting of over 25,000 bottles that was built over 3 decades and spanned 4 storage areas. I had the storage cellar refurbished as well as new bins built and reorganized the main cellars so that all the wines on the 2700 selection list could be easily found and served correctly. I say all this because I have also had collectors tell me what shambles their cellars are in, and I just chuckle to myself and say to them, ‘I think I got this.’ If you need a large overhaul, full inventory and cataloguing or some Spring cleaning, let’s get to it.


Whether you are formulating the idea of starting a collection or are hoping to find that rare bottle to complete a vertical, I can assist. Although the fine wine market has exploded in the past decade, there has never been a time when wine prices have exploded as quickly as well. Wine is now a commonly traded commodity and as such, purchasing for private collecting can be a mine field of stress when it comes to pulling the trigger on high end purchases. I have created wine programs from the ground up for over a decade and have accumulated the experience to help you purchase with confidence.


Perhaps your cellar has runneth over or your palate has changed and you are looking to free up some space. Regardless of the reasoning, almost every collector finds themselves at some point looking to liquidate past purchases, whether it be an OWC of Bordeaux, that 3 bottle allocation of cult cabernet, or a case of German Riesling a sommelier friend talked you into a buying. I can help you walk through the process of deciding what the best avenue would be for you personally and get you on the road to buying wines you want to drink or lay down now.